Transform Your Life Through Effective Knowledge Management

Tired of forgetting everything that you’ve learned, feeling disorganized, inefficient, and overwhelmed? It's time to unleash your true potential.The Knowledge Management for Beginners video course teaches you a powerful system to retain more of what you learn, manage your knowledge, and stay on top of everything.

"Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention" — Richard Feynman

What is this?

This is a video course for Lifelong Learners, Knowledge Workers and Students who want to reach the next level.It teaches techniques, skills, strategies and principles you can use to retain more of what you learn, capture/manage/organize your knowledge, and leverage it to grow your personal and professional life.

Create and leverage your own Knowledge Graph. It will help you connect all your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and inspiration.

The Knowledge Graph will become your second brain. And that one will never let you down.

Take Radical Ownership of Your Life and Career — Tim Ferriss

Benefits of this course

  • Unleash your True Potential

  • Accelerate Future Learning and Career Advancements

  • Overcome Information Overload

  • Reduce your Cognitive Load

  • Enhance your Clarity and Focus

  • Retain More of What you Learn

  • Think Deeper

  • Organize your Knowledge Efficiently

Your brain is for having ideas, not storing them — Tiago Forte

What You Will Learn

Deep insights into what Knowledge Management (KM), Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), Knowledge Graphs, Tools for Thought (TfTs), as well as related concepts and techniques.A clear understanding of how they can help you, and how to leverage those to grow your personal life and your career.A method and skills to stay ahead, adapt to future needs, and leverage your knowledge.Strategies to ingest new knowledge, manage/organize information efficiently and control cognitive load effectively, eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed and achieving a state of mental clarity. This will enhance your mental capacity for Deep Thinking, Deep Work and Creativity and will enable you to stay on top of everything.Techniques to connect your knowledge, ideas and inspiration. This will enhance your ability to draw insights and innovate.Why and how to use journaling for Learning, Personal Development, Productivity and Professional Growth.Approaches to integrate continuous learning and Knowledge Management into your daily routines, making Lifelong Learning a habit.

Remove the noise in your mind, and increase the signal.

The Knowledge Graph will become your second brain. And that one will never let you down.

Sébastien Dubois

Who is teaching?

I'm a Knowledge Management Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Knowledge Worker and Lifelong Learner.I've been passionate about Information, Knowledge Management and Zen Productivity for 25+ years. I now focus most of my energy sharing everything I know. I create products, manage communities on Slack, Reddit, and more. I am also the editor of a publication dedicated to this topic.I regularly publish newsletters, and articles about Knowledge Management on my blog and on social media.I'm thrilled to work on this project and to share my experience with you ❤️.

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